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Key Cabinets

Keys form an everyday part of our lives, we use them to get into our homes, offices and cars. We take for granted the security of them and having a keys stored in a lockable key cabinet is an ideal solution to this problem. 

Key cabinets come in varying degrees of security and also different sizes of capacity. There are also key cupboard models designed for storing car keys in a commercial environment which have larger sized hooks for larger sized fobs and these tend to be of a higher security.

Increasingly we are noticing that our customers are choosing to have an electronic locking, this is because they do not want to have hide the key for the cabinet in a safe place. We have key cabinets that are suitable for bunches of keys if that is what you need to store, these are ideal for estate agents or building management companies as well as car dealers. We also have mini key safes or key boxes for fixing to the outside of a building allowing access in case of lock out, these types of products are generally used by care organisations or holiday homes where keys need to stored securely.

The benefits of having a key cupboard include:

  • You can keep track of keys by labelling them with tags
  • Different levels of security depending on your requirements
  • Different depths of models to suit bunches
  • Choice of locking options to help you make the best use
  • Protection from increase in car theft

Key tags for key cabinets Key cupboard for bunches

High security key cabinets are made in a very similar way to a safe in that they will have a thicker steel body and door and also have locking bolts similar to those found on a traditional safe.

DID YOU KNOW? Modern cars have more advanced locking systems with immobilisers and anti-theft devices which means that thieves need the key in order to steal your car. Do not leave it to chance with your spare key kept in a drawer or cupboard and available to a burglar, secure it in a key cupboard today. Free UK delivery is included on all models in our key cabinet range.

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Our complete range of key storage.

Budget Key Cabinets

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Our range of budget key storage models.

Digital Key Cabinets

Digital Lock

Key storage with electronic locks.

Best Sellers

Sterling Digital Key Cabinet - KC100S

Sterling KC100S - Electronic Lock

£178.80Inc. VAT

- 1 review

Keys: 100
External: 400(W) x 550(H) x 120(D) mm

Sterling KC20 Key Combination Cabinet

Sterling KC20C Combination Lock

£22.80Inc. VAT

- 3 reviews

Keys: 20
External: 160(W) x 200(H) x 75(D) mm

Burton Keyguard Digital

Burton Keyguard Digital

£43.20Inc. VAT

- 2 reviews

Keys: 4
External: 65(W) x 115(H) x 55(D) mm

Phoenix Electronic Key Cabinet KS0032 - 48 Key

Phoenix KS0032 Digital Lock Cabinet

£98.40Inc. VAT

- 6 reviews

Keys: 48
External: 300(W) x 360(H) x 100(D) mm

Phoenix Cygnus Key Cabinet KS0033K - 144 Key

Keys: 144
External: 430(W) x 660(H) x 130(D) mm

Securikey 80 High Security Electronic Key Cabinet

Keys: 81
External: 310(W) x 450(H) x 150(D) mm